Medfield TV and other community media centers are using a free tool to curate and elegantly display all videos created by staff and members online and create a community video hub, called the Miro Community. This tool is provided to community media centers through a Knight Foundation grant. Miro users and staff will help you learn how to use this free tool to quickly create a searchable community video library online to which your staff and members can add content. Some centers are creating regional hubs on Miro to engage broader audiences. Attend this workshop to learn how to create your Miro site!


  • Jason Daniels, Executive Director, ECAT – Easton Community Access Television, North Easton, MA


  • Anne Jonas, Community Outreach Coordinator, Participatory Culture Foundation – Miro Community, Boston, MA
  • Christopher Whitlach, Manager, Marketing/Communications, The Pittsburgh Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA

This presentation took place during the 2010 Alliance for Community Media International conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 10, 2010.
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