A number of community media centers are participating in exciting new collaborations with local organizations, neighborhood activists, schools, and media outlets to create online, hyperlocal, citizen-journalism sites. This session focuses on how to start a citizen journalism program, how to manage the program, find funding, develop relationships with citizen journalists, build web news content, community news bureaus, and media tools, and create sustainable projects. Pose questions to distinguished panelists in the field of community media and citizen journalism from across the country. Understand the rewards and challenges of these innovative projects that are using digital and cable access technologies to generate civic awareness and participation even as traditional journalism institutions are facing their greatest challenges to sustainability.


  • Jessica Durkin, New America Foundation Media Policy Initiative fellow & Founder, InOtherNews.us, Scranton, PA


  • Ryan Hopkins, President & Founder, The Public Square Project, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Steve Reinbrecht, Managing Editor, Berks Community Television, Reading, PA
  • Kathy Bisbee, Executive Director, Community Media Access Partnership, Gilroy, CA

This presentation took place during the 2010 Alliance for Community Media International conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 8, 2010.
More information online at http://peg.ourchannels.org/index.php?title=Setting_Up_A_Citizen_Journalism_Program