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Setting Up A Citizen Journalism Program

A number of community media centers are participating in exciting new collaborations with local organizations, neighborhood activists, schools, and media outlets to create online, hyperlocal, citizen-journalism sites. This session focuses on how to start a citizen journalism program, how to manage the program, find funding, develop relationships with citizen journalists, build web news content, community news bureaus, and media tools, and create sustainable projects. Pose questions to distinguished panelists in the field of community media and citizen journalism from across the country. Understand the rewards and challenges of these innovative projects that are using digital and cable access technologies to generate civic awareness and participation even as traditional journalism institutions are facing their greatest challenges to sustainability.


  • Jessica Durkin, New America Foundation Media Policy Initiative fellow & Founder,, Scranton, PA


  • Ryan Hopkins, President & Founder, The Public Square Project, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Steve Reinbrecht, Managing Editor, Berks Community Television, Reading, PA
  • Kathy Bisbee, Executive Director, Community Media Access Partnership, Gilroy, CA

This presentation took place during the 2010 Alliance for Community Media International conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 8, 2010.
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Creating Hyper local Journalism in Diverse Communities

As the digital divide persists within marginalized communities, many people continue to face challenges without access to computers and broadband technology at home. Hyperlocal journalism projects empower local residents to tell their stories using new media tools. This session will discuss how can PEG centers, community technology centers, and citizen journalism projects are addressing this problem by providing public access to cable television and broadband media tools. Hear from panelists representing various centers that conduct training, web site development, and cooperation with local media to develop on-line voices and better serve the tech needs of the underserved in their communities.


  • Kamilla Kovacs, Development and Communications Director, Media Access Project


  • Ron Cooper, Executive Director, Access Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
  • Murali Balaji, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Voice of Philadelphia, Assistant Professor, Lincoln University, Lansdale, PA
  • Antoine Haywood, Director of Community Development, People TV, Atlanta, GA

This workshop was presented during the 2010 Alliance for Community Media International Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 9, 2010.
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Community Media and The Future of News

As the decline of newspapers is felt throughout the country, could community media & technology centers be the new model for local news? Could Citizen Journalism be an opportunity for community media centers like PEGs to earn income, create trained citizen reporters, build partnerships, and serve up local content? In this session, expert panelists from across media policy, journalism, and community media organizations will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing citizen journalism and community media in the broadband age. The goal of this session is to provide attendees with ways to participate in addressing the information and communication needs of local communities in a democracy.


  • Bill Densmore, Director/Editor, The Media Giraffe Project, Journalism Program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA


  • Candace Clement, Program Coordinator, Free Press, Florence, MA;
  • James Losey, Program Associate, Open Technology Initiative, The New America Foundation, Washington, DC;
  • Laurie Cirivello, Executive Director, Grand Rapids Community Media Center, Grand Rapids, MI

This presentation was part of the 2010 Alliance for Community Media International Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 9, 2010.
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Using Social Media to Serve the PEG Community and NonProfit Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations including city departments and agencies need access to social media and digital literacy training. Many PEG access centers are uniquely positioned to serve this vital community communication need. This workshop is designed to help you develop a social media workflow for your organization. Topics include: how to develop a communications strategy, how to generate followers and stimulate discussion, how to create a social media identity, how to manage your time, and how to measure success. Examples will be presented at every stage to help you envision a successful strategy using social media tools.


  • Colin Rhinesmith, Community Media & Technology Manager, Cambridge Community Television, Cambridge, MA


  • Jason Daniels, Executive Director, ECAT, North Easton, MA
  • Seth Mobley Operations Director, Vermont Community Access Media; Burlington, VT
  • Lee Webster, iYouth Media Director, channelAustin, Austin, TX

This workshop sessions took place during the 2010 Alliance for Community International conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 10, 2010.
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New Media Tools for PEG Centers and Citizen Journalists

Content management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress, and video sharing platforms have made it easier for PEG access producers and citizen journalists to share media online. There are many options to consider in setting up a community media or citizen journalism project, including how to incorporate mobile media technologies. Join our group of expert practitioners who will discuss their work and recent developments with cutting edge web media tools. The goal of this session is to help you determine which tools are most appropriate based on your for PEG center’s information, communication, and technology needs.


  • Jackie Hai, LexMedia, Producer, PEG Point, Editor, Lexington, MA


  • Anne Jonas, Participatory Culture Foundation, New York, NY
  • Craig Sinclair, Community Media Coordinator, Amherst Community Television, Amherst, MA

This presentation took place during the 2010 Alliance for Community Media International conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 10, 2010.
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